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TMC is India's leading marine career advisor. Founded in 2003 by Capt. Ramdas K Menon, the vision is to become significant global marine consultants.

TMC provides sponsored maritime courses, and non marine. On job training courses as marine consultants, we have served more than 1000 domestic and international clients.

Our commitment is to help organization identify opportunities and values in maritime service industry and to develop impeccable strategy to best realize this value.

As marine consultants, we have delivered a critical end-to-end business consulting and marine consulting services.

Our business strategy builds on our valuable market intelligence and understanding, vast maritime database and knowledge. As marine consultants, services we offer are divided into four Strategic Practice Units (SPUs).

Capt. Ramdas K Menon

  • Extra Master Certificate of Competency as a Master Mariner with an extra Master endorsement from the Mot (UK)
  • HND Naval Arch from Glasgow University
  • ISM Lead Auditors Certification
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Cadetship Training ship Dufferin
  • Commanded world's largest tanker Jahre Viking

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