M.Phil. Marine Microbiology

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A scholar possessing Master's Degree of this University or any other qualification recognized as equivalent thereto in the fields of study notified from time to time by this University is eligible to register and work for the M.Phil Programme.

Eligibility Criteria: A minimum of 55% marks or CGPA of 5.5 on a ten point scale in the qualifying examination (50% marks or CGPA of 5.0 on a ten point scale for SC / ST Candidates).

1. Eligibility Criteria for Supervisor

  • Faculty with Ph.D degree or M.Phil., degree with minimum 3 years of research experience act as supervisor for M.Phil., degree.
  • Maximum number of M.Phil candidates under a supervisor is five only.
  • The number of seats for M.Phil., shall be decided well in advance and notified in the University website or advertisement.

2. Procedure for Admission

  • M.Phil., admissions are made through an entrance test.
  • This is followed by an interview.
  • While granting admission to students to M.Phil., programme, University will follow National/ State reservation policies.

3. Duration of the Course:

  • Full time - One year
  • Part time - Two years

4. Allocation of supervisor:

The allocation of the Supervisor for a selected student shall be decided by the Department in a formal manner depending on the number of students per faculty member, the available specialization among the faculty Supervisors and the research interest of the student as indicated during interview by the student. The allotment/ allocation of Supervisor shall not be left to the individual student or teacher.

5. Course work:

  • After the admission, scholar should undertake a course work for a minimum period of one semester.
  • M.Phil student should undergo three papers, Paper I- Common Research methodology, Paper II- Research methodology pertaining to the respective discipline, Paper III- Special Paper in the concerned discipline.
  • The Syllabus for the above three papers are to be approved by the Board of Research.
  • Recently University changed the curriculum according to the Credit system.

6.1 Evaluation Methods:

  • Upon satisfactory completion of course work and research methodology of M.Phil., programme, M.Phil., scholar should undertake research work and produce a draft thesis within reasonable time (not less than six months) as stipulated by University not exceeding 150 typed pages excluding the tables, figures and references in not less than six months after the course work. The dissertation should consist of a declaration by the Supervisor and the Candidate (Annexure I and II).
  • Prior to submission of the thesis M.Phil., student shall make a pre M.Phil., presentation within the Department that may be opened to all faculty members and research students
  • For the evaluation of the M.Phil., thesis work there will be two examiners: 1. The Supervisor ( Convenor), 2. Another subject expert from outside the University.
  • The Supervisor shall nominate a panel of examiners for the evaluation of the dissertation work. After the scrutiny of the external examiner, Supervisor can request the Board of Research to fix the date for a Viva Voce where the Scholar shall defend his dissertation before the examiners panel.

7. Course work

  • Common Research Methodology
  • Research Methodology pertaining to the discipline
  • Special paper pertaining to the discipline


Apply for Course Download Admission Form

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